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Small Backyard Make Over

Anna Sneed Photography

November 2016.  I’ve got a message from Vanessa, co-owner of McKellars’ Wedding Cinema.   Hmmm, what could this be about?  Callynth Finney, a local artist and amazing photographer had recommended our services to the McKellars.  Cally takes care of our team photography, is familiar with our work and thought that Landvisions would be a good fit for the McKellars’ need for a backyard make over.   I spent some time with Brent and Vanessa and their ‘then’ two boys on site, imagining what could happen in their space. 

The McKellars’ mid century modern home was constantly bustling with activity and as often as they used their outdoor space, it was relatively undeveloped.  This is why Vanessa had reached out to Landvisions…they needed a backyard makeover.  They needed it quick, on a tight budget…and by the way, it had to be amazing!  We are artists at the core and with Brent and Vanessa, we get to work with two very talented artists.  When working through ideas, we also try to engage all family members, especially the  younger members!  In this case, it was as much their space as their parents! 

By the time we had worked through our design process, had the plan and a budget that worked and were ready to break ground, time was short.   Since our initial conversation in the Fall, we had become good friends.   Vanessa and Brent are definitely our kind of people, and it was a joy working through the design process with them.   We were into May and it was time to get their job worked into our schedule.  As one could imagine, being Spring, Landvisions was in full swing,  creating cool spaces for our clients all over East Texas. 

Knowing  we had a hard finish date for this job, there was some pressure to make it happen.   The McKellars were planning on renewing their wedding vows in their new outdoor space.  All their friends would be there and many close family members would be in town to celebrate 10 years!   The outdoor space had been completely re-designed but had yet to be built.  When I said time was tight, that was an understatement.  It took a lot of trust, allowing Landvisions to demolish their backyard with less than a week to go.  Vanessa’s mom was in town to help with the festivities and warned her daughter and son in law to NEVER trust a contractor!  She was pretty firm….if Vanessa allowed Landvisions to tear up her yard, just 5 days before the party, they would most certainly be looking for a last minute venue alternate for their wedding party.

Anna Sneed Photography

kids on boulders in the McKellars Backyard make over

Vanessa Explained to her mom that this wasn’t just any contractor but a reputable design build Landscape Architecture firm.  To make a long store short, Vanessa and Brent put their full faith and trust in our ability to deliver their backyard make over and we did just that.  They were gracious enough to video document the design-build process for us.  Many of you have seen this fun video, and if not, check it out!  We are passionate about both Design and People and this journey with the McKellars honored both and was one we would repeat in a heartbeat!         

Callynth Photography

the McKellars roasting marshmallows at the fire pit Landvisions built


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