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Bergfeld Amphitheater Re-Born

Tyler residents have enjoyed the rejuvenation of it’s historically important and iconic outdoor space.   The Bergfeld Park’s playground was redesigned and opened for play in 2015!  99% of folks are more than excited and I for one am overjoyed to see it full of families from all walks of life and from every corner of East Texas.  It’s not uncommon to see  school buses from all over East Texas…full of kids excited to explore the natural boulder climbing elements!  NEXT up is the re-birth of the historic Amphitheater!   Not everyone is happy about all the new energy and life that the park has been experiencing as of late and the re-birth of the amphitheater is sure to activate the park even further.  North Tyler has all but been forgotten as population growth and development has exploded South of town, even as many cities are focusing efforts on reviving their historic downtown areas.  I recently moved into he Azalea District last summer.  I suppose College and Dobbs is officially considers part of the Red Brick Village.  for most of the year, weather is actually quite nice and an evening  walk down to the park for an event at the amphitheater is a favorite activity.  Way better than the more common traditional indoor movie and popcorn!  Things are changing in and around the park, and the Amphitheater is sure to add to the momentum.  For all my neighbors who find change threatening, please do not fight this movement back to the days when people are seen everywhere…enjoying the outdoors!

Landvisions and Fitzpatrick are working side by side on how to best address the historical value of existing infrastructure.  Preserving as much of the value of what was built 80+ years ago, while not sacrificing functionality and beauty.   This is probably the single most significant Park improvement Tyler has ever seen and its exciting to be part of the process.  Stay tuned, as plans and designs are fine tuned!!  It’s gonna be great!

These two amphitheaters are just a few of our precedent case studies as we work through successes around the world in terms of the best outdoor amphitheaters!

Herritage Amphitheater at night

Jurassic Five brings the party in celebration of their 20th Anniversary Word of Mouth Renunion Tour at the Cuthbert Ampitheater in Eugene, Oregon on July 10, 2014. (Dominic Allen/ Emerald)


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