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Wilder on the River

Somehow I actually find myself excited to be back in Tyler, TX after a week in Crested Butte Colorado.  Yesterday I went for an epic ride….it was raining and a bit chilly.  50 degrees is nothing like the -23 we experienced in CB.  Being outside with close friends is a always gift.  Today, we have much to celebrate!  After 16 months, the partnership between Margaret Loperfido (Sprout Studio) & David Cordell (Landvisions) is a reality.   Margaret has been working as the only Landscape Architect serving the Gunnison/Crested Butte valley for 7 years.   She moved from Boulder, Colorado with her family in 2011…returning to her childhood roots.  David and Margaret, both having studied Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University around the same time, share more than just a passion for the outdoors.   Margaret has focused on design, while David’s passion is Design-Build.

Much of my life has been spent living and working in the mountains.  It was during a visit to the Gunnison Valley two years ago, that my wife and I started to imagine life in Colorado.   In 2014, we moved from the Dominican Republic back to my wife’s hometown, Tyler, TX.  I’ve worked with Landvisions ever since.   Having run an Architectural Design Build firm for the better part of 15 years, I was right at home in my new role….and enjoying the challenge of learning Landscape Architecture.  Call me what you will, but I’ve crossed over to the GREEN SIDE.  Landscape Architecture!  I’ve seen and experienced the impact that a well conceived plan and quality execution can have on our ability to enjoy being outside!

May 2018 marks a new beginning for how spaces in the Crested Butte Valley will be built!  Between mountain climbs, running rivers and logging crazy hours on my bike, I get to create outdoor spaces that help us humans do life better….TOGETHER!  I’ve been told more than a couple of times how hard it is start a business in a small town.  How being the outsider makes it all but impossible.  My belief is that in life, we are either an outside or an insider.  Much of which one we become boils down to how we value the people around us.

The snow will start melting in March.  By the end of April we should be jumping in with new friends on several projects.  Many of which will involve actual construction.  What I am most looking forward to is the process of getting to know a ton of really great folks who have been working for years to make the valley a better place to do life.

I must admit, being the new kid on the block is a bit daunting,.  Especially for this relatively shy extrovert.  Yes, I know….sounds like an oxymoron, Right?  I’ve grown accustomed to working with an established, talented and engaged team, committed to the collaborative design-build process.  Working in a new place, and having the opportunity to walk side by side with Margaret to develop another thriving design build firm in Colorado will be a life giving EPIC ADVENTURE.  New People, New Places, New Projects!   Here is to New Beginnings!    And here is to a GREAT boss and team back in Texas.  You guys have supported me in pursuing this new venture.  We are in this together!


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