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Can you imagine?…This could be our Tyler!!

This could be our Tyler.

Can you imagine leaving your home on a crisp Fall Saturday morning…on your bicycle, pedaling  a couple miles on a beautiful dedicated ‘Hike and Bike’ path to the local ‘Rose City Farmer’s Market’.  The the Market, you will be enjoying some hip tunes played by a local musician while sipping on some fresh Dominican Brew poured by the Porch Culture Coffee peeps…OH, and don’t forget…your munching on some fresh baked artisan bread by the Sola Bread Company folks!  porch culture and Soma bread

My mouth is already watering…but wait, it gets better!  After breakfast, you hop on your ride, followed by a dozen of your friends, and pedal out to the lake on a dedicated bike path…safe from all the texting motorists.  You make a lap around the lake, just for fun, and then stop at East Texas’ newest waterfront destination for lunch.  Food trucks galore….live music and every kind of water craft available for rent.  After lunch, the sun has warmed things up and its time to cool off…each of you hop on your own stand up paddle board and head out to the water…some faster than others.  It’s not too hot, the sun is bright, there is a gentle breeze….the day is PERFECT!  After a couple hours on the lake, its back on the bikes.  Seems like everyone is headed back towards town…its like a mass migration.  AWESOME fun as hundreds of cyclist of all ages make their way home….pedal power! The reason for coordinated exodus from the lake is the community concert at the newly renovated Bergfeld Park – Centene Amphitheater….the perfect venue for the evening Fall jazz concert.  FYI, the True Vine guys will be there giving out free tickets to their next Open Taps event!! Just imagine! This could be our Tyler…this WILL be our Tyler!!!


Tyler has the all the ingredients to become an amazing place to live for the outdoor enthusiast in all of us.


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