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Brighter future for the Cycling Community in Tyler

The cycling community in Tyler is growing, slow but sure!  Last night no less than 150 cyclist showed up for Tyler’s Spring Kick-Off at First Baptist in White House.  this even was a joint effort between the Tyler Cycling Club and the Fresh Race team.   I myself jumped in with the pain train, with much anxiety.  There are no words to describe what happens during that relentlessly paced ride.  Needless to say, I got dropped…again!  Ughh!!

Huge showing for Spring Cycling Kick off

Huge showing for Spring Cycling Kick off

Tyler can be a frightening place to ride, especially as we hear news reports about accidents resulting in deaths and serious injuries of involving fellow cyclist getting hit and run-over by East Texas drivers.  Drivers are not entirely at faul all the time.  It will take a joint effort by all stakeholders and a total shift in culture before road cycling becomes a safe sport.  Tyler has taken some recent steps in the right direction and we should all celebrate the initial work and encourage our local government  employees and officials who are helping with this process.  There is a UT Tyler Study happening currently to look at the potential Tyler has for expanding Bike Lanes.  there is also a 1 Million Dollar Grant that will be applied for, so long as the City Council approves next month.  This grant would provide funding to expand designated bike lanes in Tyler.

If your a cyclist, if you have friends or family who ride, if you would like to start riding or if you enjoy watching people outside enjoying the sport, then you are a part of Tyler’s cycling community and can be an advocate for this great cultural shift.  There are more and more folks getting into the sport, and several great shops in town to take care of all your needs.  Elite Bicycles, Simpson’s  Fitness and Adventure Sports and the most recent addition to Tyler’s bike service community, Cycology.

For everyone within the local cycling community who may not be aware, there are organized group rides almost every day of the week!!  Check out  the facebook pages above for details as to when these rides happen.  If you like, please add comments to this blog with additional information.

Now, go THRIVE OUTSIDE on your Bikes!!




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