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Unique options for how to do life is part of what makes our days a little more interesting.  Eating meals is a major way we can ‘mix it up.’  There is a national phenomena gaining popularity that has it’s origin firmly rooted in the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit this country was built on.  Food Trucks are synonymous these days with cutting edge eateries….economic pricing and cool vibe.  Smith County has been pretty effective in making it virtually impossible for many eager business owners to bring Food Trucks to Tyler.  The Tyler City Counsel and mayor say they want Food Trucks in Tyler, but for reasons that many of us do not fully understand, have allowed NET Health to dash the hopes and dreams of almost every food truck initiative thus far.  There have been recent news paper articles and lots of BUZZ around town around food trucks….even Jacksonville, has a food truck park!  The Parks and Rec have a long range goal of building a park north of downtown in a natural area with would include a venue for regular events, Food Trucks and a permanent home for the Farmers Market. This would be another huge PLUS for all of us who value the outdoors and quality of life. Esperanza Park!! Hope Park. seems fitting to me…..There is an initiative to redesign The Tyler Rose Garden Complex, and Food Trucks could play a key role in activating this area.  Food Truck pull in’s and utility hook-ups are a part of Landvision’s redesign of Hillside Park in North Tyler.  Curbside Taco has successfully navigated their way to legal operations, and can be seen regularly in places like the Foundry and True Vine.  There was even a new Food Truck park permitted in North Tyler last month.  We are getting there!!   

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