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Fresh inspirations in Crested Butte.

Chad and Krista's Fall hike

I’m still up here in Crested Butte…it’s October, and the snow has started to fall.  The weather feels much like it did in April when I arrived…except that now the aspen and willow are a brilliant golden, juxtaposed to the blue spruce. This summer, Landvisions sent me to Colorado, specifically Crested Butte for our first season of work in the Rockies as Summit Siteworks.  We’ve partnered with a small Landscape Architecture design firm in the valley, Sprout Studio, led by Margaret Loperfido.  I was the lucky one who got to avoid the Texas heat!  I’m in awe at the view of the mountains from my office.  Snow flurries today while its 90 degrees back in Tyler.  Everywhere you look up here, there is beauty that boggles the mind.

As many of you know, I’m an avid cyclist.  I’ve so enjoyed the trails and exploring the wild county.  There are few better ways to see the world, than by bike!  As professional practitioners for creating outdoor spaces…it’s our responsibility AND privilege to spend time outside.   Authentic inspiration in any medium is often the direct result of being exposed to inspiring works of art.    More than once, I’ve ended up flying OTB (over the bars for those of you non-mountain bikers out there) as I was distracted by the expansive beauty all around me…and took my eyes off the trail.  I am probably not alone in this club of nature gazing trail bikers.  I’ve learned to stop, get off the bike and take in the beauty.  It’s a lot cheaper.  Those helmets are really great at protecting your brain, but they are also very expensive.

I am convinced that as we spend more time enjoying the outdoors and being inspired by natural beauty we become better designers.  My background in architecture lends itself well to putting the pieces together.  In the end, all I try to do is pull on my memories of places that have inspired me and try to mimic…recreate what nature accomplished, though in much less time.

It is way to easy to let the tyranny of the urgent and the ever pressing deadlines strangle our creative side.  It’s a balance, and at some level we all must produce.  This summer, I’ve tried to spend a little more time reflecting on the beauty around me in hopes that it will  positively impact my creative side.


Cold Fall morning in Crested Butte, Snow is coming

MTB Single Track through the aspen

The Aspen making Doctors Park MTB Trail in Taylor beautiful

Chad and Krista's Fall hike

Taking in the view of Snow Mass mountain in the Fall

Summit Siteworks Landscape Project in Crested Butte.



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