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Get ready to THRIVE OUTSIDE!

Texas winter is hear, and though we’ve seen some pretty cold temps…for Texas at least, there is plenty of ways to spend time OUTSIDE.  It’s our job to help our clients ‘BE’ outside…..but we must not ever forget to ‘BE’ outside ourselves.  With shorter days and colder temps….the sun cruising low on the horizon,…it’s more of a challenge to get outside.   I’ve decided NOT to fall prey to the Tyranny of the Urgent, and let the winter months pass me by and realize that I missed opportunities to spend time in the OUTDOORS.  There are so many reasons why to spend time outside in the winter months, but the best motivation is simple….people!!

Be proactive and schedule time to be OUTSIDE.  I can not do my job wit ha good conscience if I’m not absolutely loving spending time OUTSIDE.  For me it’s a matter of authenticity….and being true to myself…and our professions.   For you it’s probably just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday morning many of us cyclist had all planned to meet at Lindsey Park for a 3+ hour trail ride.  In the end, it was my wife and our good friend Dan Wilson.  It was 33 degrees and SUNNY!  What a spectacular ride, despite the fact that Dan totally ate it and trashed his knee.  the cold weather helped keep him rolling!!  We had a great time!  My border Collie, Lax, eventually bailed as we finished the first lap….and headed to the truck with Krista.  12 miles was enough for both of them.  Even though it was definitely cold, we ended up having a great day!!





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