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Hike and Bike trails – Grant

The growing number of cyclist in Tyler is evident everywhere you look. the Rose Rudman trail is absolutely packed with people most of the day.  The need for additional trails in Tyler is colossal. Why, when trails systems are among the most important factors when businesses and individuals are considering a move, would Tyler be so lax in this area. The Tyler Parks and Rec department understand the value of parks and trails. So do young professionals who so often choose other cities over Tyler….simply because of our almost non existent trails system. With several cyclist/motor vehicle accidents as of late, this becomes even more daunting for those of us who enjoy riding. I often commute to work….I would more if I knew I had a protected bike lane to ride in. Things are changing in Tyler, some new sections of trails are in the works, and a project to re-stripe many of Tyler streets, creating protected bike lanes might bet approved. It come down to funding, and it’s been more important to City leadership to maintain a low tax rate than it is to invest in the infrastructure of the city, which is an investment in the future. 2016 might be the year we begin to see evidence of a tipping point…..in the end, it’s up to us…the residence of East Texas to make our voices heard.  Get to know your city councilman…and let him know what’s really important to you.


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