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Investing in the Future of Tyler

The reason the Bergfeld Park rehabilitation project got kicked off was because some local neighbors cared.  Many of the folks who work at the Tyler Parks and Rec department really are passionate about their job, however with very little tax money allocated to the renovation of Tyler’s city parks, there isn’t much that can be done….without the support of private citizens.  City Councilman, Don Warren, cares deeply about ‘Quality of Life’ and the importance of outdoor spaces (parks, trails, green belts, etc…).  These important spaces are paid for by Taxes (the burden being spread over the all tax-paying residence) private corporations and businesses (privately funded public spaces) and by generous private donors who believe in leaving a legacy that can be enjoyed by all) Tyler need’s more people like Don to champion the cause of renovating our aging city parks and developing new parks.  Tyler is growing quickly, and if we allow private developers to ‘lead’ the future directions / investment, as has been the tradition in East Texas, then the outlook may be less than idea.  Real Parks for Real People cost Real Money!  Working within the Landscape Architecture industry the past 2 years has opened my eyes to the importance of long term strategic planning for the development of out door spaces.  Tyler is lagging behind many municipalities of similar resources when it comes to planning for and investing in their public open spaces.  The future of Tyler depends on attracting vibrant young talented professionals….and many of these folks wont move to a city that doesn’t invest in outdoor amenities.  So, when ever you are temped to believe that Tyler “Boasting about having the Lowest Tax Rate in Texas” is a good thing….please think again….Real Parks for Real People cost Real Money.  Investing in our parks is an investment in the future of T


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