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Momentum for Tyler’s Downtown is Building

The True Vine Micro Brewery Team

Tyler Morning Telegraph sets new record for great stories this week.  Bike Rentals, Food Trucks and Micro Brews!  ALL in Tyler!!  Food Trucks and Breweries downtown and Bike Rentals on the Rose Rudman Trail.  Tyler is taking on a new flavor and I for one…along with thousands of other citizens, am very excited!!

I love the idea that a visitor to Tyler can rent a bike and explore this East Texas town….Beware, we still do not have a great network of designated Hike and Bike trails…but it’s a start!!! Thanks to the Roberson family for starting Jay’s bike Rental for our community.  Best of Luck!!

Downtown may also get a Micro-Brewery and pub to be located in the old Expert Tire on Broadway.  This is all contingent on the City Planning and Zoning dept. and whether or not they want to allow a zoning variation to this location.  Good Luck to Brian Gilstrap, founder of E TX Brew and his team…I hope this works!!  We definitely need more businesses like this down town and I hope to be enjoying a cold brew, handmade in Tyler by East Tex Brew this Fall.  Brian will be walking in the footsteps of “True Vine’ founder Ryan Dixon and his two partners, who just celebrated their two year anniversary.  Almost everyone has at least heard of Open Taps.  If you haven’t been to one yet, its a must for the last Saturday of each month.  If you can’t make it, they are open every Friday evening.

The food truck park to open this coming fall a few blocks from Hills Side Park on Erwin Street is definitely a plus.  It’s a start for sure.  This will also include a cantina, seating for approximately 160 people and live music.   Keep it coming!   Lets hope that by the time Phase 1 of the Hill Side Park renovation is complete, this food truck park will be open!  I want a veggie burger with sweet potato fries, or maybe a Colombian Cachapa!!  Oh, and you guys better be serving locally brewed beer!

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