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Chris Hatcher, PLA
Senior Project Manager


When you meet Chris, you know right away that he is a man who stands rooted in strong values. He is highly responsible and has the keen ability to tell it how it is. Being honest, upfront, and intentional with others is what allows Chris to give others the confidence they need to perform at a high level. He brings a strong sense of teamwork and collaboration to everything he does, ensuring that problems get solved quickly and efficiently. And when problems do arise, Chris has the experience and skill to work with his team to keep things running smoothly. He established his knowledge and understanding of the landscape industry by working hard from a young age. His training started out in the dirt, on-the-job, rubbing elbows with others in the field while attending college. This invaluable experience has formed a passion and purpose in Chris for helping develop innovative solutions when creating beautiful landscapes.

As a professional landscape architect (PLA), Chris works in the roles of operational and project management, as well as commercial estimating at Landvisions. Each day is spent working with intentionality and efficiency to infuse purpose and meaning into the work he and the Landvisions team executes. With several years of experience in the civil engineering industry, Chris brings a unique multi-disciplinary perspective to the team. In addition to being a PLA, Chris is a licensed irrigation professional and dedicates his knowledge of water use and conservation practices for commercial and development projects.



After growing up the in the panhandle, and working for a family-run landscape business while attending Texas Tech University, Chris moved to Kilgore with his wife. They have two children, a daughter in high school, and a son who attends Texas A&M. Chris is decidedly loyal and places a high priority on family and friends. When he isn’t spending time with his family, attending his children’s sporting events, or working on his family’s farm and ranch, R & D Cattle Company, you’ll find Chris active with Crossfit. With crossfit, he has found a new appreciation for pushing himself beyond what he initially thinks he’s capable of doing. This has provided him with a refreshing new perspective on facing challenges in life and at work.

Chris believes that it’s always best to be honest, have good manners, and encourage others to contribute their best at what they do. It’s safe to say that Chris is a raving fan of all things family. Which makes sense for someone with such strong values of loyalty, responsibility, and commitment.



What is something no one would believe is true about you?

Most people know that I love music, I listen to all kinds, but what people don’t know is that my favorite is the heavy metal, hard rock stations. I’m usually listening to high octane, vintage hard rock.

What do you love most about working at Landvisions?

It really feels like you are a part of a family—your voice is heard, it’s a great dynamic, we work through conflict together well, we have great confidence in each other. I love that kind of team aspect of working with these folks.

What are you raving fan of?

I’m a raving fan of all things family!

What inspires you?

I was always inspired greatly by a guy who owned an irrigation business when I was younger in my career. He was quick to help me out and give me guidance even though he was a competitor. That was very inspiring to me and how he ran his business and treated people has  impacted me to this day.



Registered with TBAE as a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Texas – #2590
Registered with the TCEQ as a Licensed Irrigator in the State of Texas –  LI0007132
Registered with LDAF as a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Louisiana – #20-0768
Registered with LDAF as a licensed Landscape Horticulturist in the State of Louisiana – #20-4523

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