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David Cordell, PLA
Chief Executive Officer


In his natural element, David thrives in being able to manage a host of variables and align goals to create the most productive and effective solution possible. He is a natural leader, assuming the role with confidence in his team and empowering them to dream big. In no way is this more evident than in his founding of Landvisions in 2002 and its growth in becoming a leader in the East Texas area for quality landscape design and installation. As the Director of Design and Sales, David works tirelessly to support the vast array of strengths of his team members and put them in the best position possible to exceed expectations. Most recently, his focus has been on deepening the family-like culture of the business and finding the balance between leading, empowering, and celebrating.

Regardless of where David finds himself, the outdoors have always been a source of inspiration. Taking natural landscapes and fusing them with man made spaces is a way that David helps to increase others’ imagination of what is possible. With a strong entrepreneurial mindset, he loves to creatively build new things, and at the same time, utterly enjoys the nitty gritty work of running a business. Working to instill strong work ethics into the hearts and minds of others brings David immense joy.



Originally from Tyler Texas, David graduated from Colorado State University with a bachelors in Landscape Architecture and a Masters in Construction Management. After practicing in the Colorado area for a short time, he returned to Tyler to start Landvisions. He lives in Tyler with his wife, Tracy, and three children. They love living life together in east Texas, enjoying the outdoors, hunting, traveling, and creating meaningful memories.

As a child, David was captivated by horses and became highly active in calf roping. It was a hobby that required him to work hard and ultimately start a lawn business to support his passion for horses. This work ethic has remained with him to this day. Work hard, don’t look for handouts, do what you love, stay humble. These are the very things he is working to impart upon his kids.



What inspires you?

I gain tons of inspiration from the people around me and those I work with. Kyle Pennington is a good example. These younger, motivated, and talented folks are creative and have huge potential. They put wind in my sail when I see thrive in what they do at Landvisions.

What are you doing when you feel most like you?

I love to “see the invisible” and work creatively to make something out of nothing.

What aspect of the Landvisions culture resonates with you most?

Recently, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time celebrating my team member’s strengths. Being able to focus on this helps our family-like culture flourish. When you celebrate others, it empowers them to shine.

What are you a raving fan of?

I’m a raving fan of the outdoors and nature. Whenever we are able to fuse the natural outdoors with man made spaces, something amazing happens.



Registered with TBAE as a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Texas – #2483

Registered with LDAF as a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Louisiana – #19-0767

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