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Crew Leader - Irrigation


Esteban is all smiles until its time to get to work!  He has a positive, can do disposition, and expects the guys on his crew to be equally committed to getting the job done.  An irrigation system require both hard work and smarts.  Whether its trenching and digging ditches or designing and putting together a complicated 2 wire irrigation system, Esteban has the skills to make it happen.  You can always count on Esteban having a smile on his face while walking around the shop, even at 6:30 in the morning.   


Esteban and his wife, Maria, met in 2007 at a mutual friend’s daughter’s Quinceañera  party and have been together ever since!  They have two children, 6 and 11.  It’s a handful with 2 little girls in the house and Esteban is thankful that Maria is a great mom.   Esteban doesn’t have much much to time watch sports and doesn’t really have a favorite team.   Apart from being a great mom and wife, Maria knows how to grill, and like so many of our guys, Esteban loves it when she prepares Carne Asado with her a special sauce.  When Esteban isn’t with his family and isn’t working, he loves to be out on any of the many lakes around East Texas fishing.  


Q&A WITH esteban

What do you love about working at Landvisions?

I’ve worked as an irrigation tech for many different landscape companies over the years, and Landvisions is by for the best!  It may seem very simple, but I really like working here because I am treated with respect and generally have a clear plan and sufficient information to get my work done. 

What is something that you aspire to or hope to do. 

I aspire someday to be able to return with my family to my home town and spend some time with friends and family there.  My home is far away, at least a 3 day drive.  it’s been almost 20 years since I’ve been home.   I also home to own my own home here in Tyler.  a safe and comfortable place where my family can grow up and be able to call home.  

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