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Jaime Sandoval


Whatever needs done, Jamie is your guy. Affectionately called, “Jimmy” by his friends and co-workers, Jamie is passionately positive, hardworking, grounded, and focused. As the field superintendent at Landvisions, Jamie has spent over 25 years installing and helping manage beautiful landscape projects. He has been in the landscape industry all his life, and there isn’t anything else he’d rather be doing. On a daily basis, Jamie connects with the office to help manage logistics and ensure each project is moving forward on-time and on-task. More than just guiding the projects, Jamie focuses on the crew and desires to encourage and guide his team to be the best they can be as employees and in life.

Jamie serves as a critical link from the office to the field. Each day is dedicated to accomplishing beautiful designs by empowering the team to execute on the vision. As a fierce competitor, he works tirelessly at the job he loves to see landscapes come to life. WIth Jamie on the job, Landvisions has a invaluable asset that enables clients see the job done the right way each time.



Although Jamie tends to be quiet natured, he is a good listener who cares deeply about others. The father five, Jame and his wife have 2 girls and 3 boys whose ages range from in their twenties down to elementary school age. He is wildly passionate about his family and raising his kids with the same integrity, honesty, and hardwork in which he was raised by his parents. Enjoying time around the dinner table, going to the park, playing soccer, or riding bikes, spending time with his family is his favorite thing to do.

Soccer has been a lifelong passion of Jaime’s as well, playing the sport since a young age. Even though it’s harder to get out and play himself, he still enjoys watching his kids play. One of his sons was a defensive starter for the Division 1, National Championship soccer team, the TJC Apaches. Being competitive is important to him, it keeps him driven and inspired to excel at what he does. Even the losses in his life have been great opportunities to grow and learn.



What do you love about working at Landvisions?

My favorite parts are working with so many great people. David is a great boss that cares about his workers. Our crews are great and we work like a big family. We have opportunities to grow and pick each other up and care about more than just the work, but each other.

What are you a raving fan of?

I love my job, and the people I get to work with. The work fulfills me and I’m a big fan of seeing the transformation of a project over time.

What inspires you?

I’m most inspired by my father. He worked hard to give me and siblings everything we needed to grow up as hardworking, respectful people. I’m grateful and thankful for he and my mother, they were both great role models for me.

What is something no one would believe is true about you?  

I love to cook. Sometimes, when I get home before my wife, I start cooking dinner so that we can sit down and enjoy a meal together when she arrives. Some of my friends and coworkers have wanted my recipe for my green sauce, but I’m not sharing. It’s a secret.

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