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Jason Hoover, PLA
Director of Desn


With over twenty years of experience,  Jason draws upon his deep understanding of the site planning and design process to communicate design concepts clearly and concisely. Jason is a mentor and collaborator and believes in the power of collective group efforts to produce and accomplish extraordinary outcomes.

Jason’s experience includes a large variety of landscape architecture and planning projects differing in type and scale for public and private clients across the globe. He excels in project management from beginning to end, conception to construction. Jason loves the diversity that landscape architecture presents, and keeping a firm grasp on each project’s scope, he always works with the end goal in mind. Every project provides the chance to meet a new client with a unique set of challenges to be turned into opportunities, in a special setting. He is happiest when elbow deep in trace paper, developing design concepts that delicately fit a project program onto a site. Jason’s approach to design is a blend of art, science and nature.

A licensed Landscape Architect and member of ASLA, Jason holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from Washington State University. He was born in Vermont, raised in Virginia and has lived in the Northeast, Midwest and Colorado. His international project experience provides him with a global perspective that helps inform his work.



Family time, whether at home or traveling across the country to see his kids, is a priority for Jason. However, when Jason is not spending time with his family and dogs, you will find him trying to “match the hatch,” looking in buckets, or enjoying a trip—an avid fly fisherman, any time spent on the stream searching for trout is welcome! Jason is an experienced maple sugarmaker—collecting sap each spring to produce maple syrup. Sadly, “Mrs. Butterworth’s” still holds a place in the pantry as a result of his wife, a native Texan. He has, however, proudly converted all three children!


Q&A WITH jason

In an alternate life, what would you want to give a try?

I would join the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps in my younger years helping under-developed communities in remote/rural areas gain access to better living conditions – housing, creating community, water, teaching them carpentry and building skills; also helping communities re-build after natural disasters. 

What is the best part of your story so far?

My Wife, three children, family and the people I have met along my journey.  I am always humbled by how passionate, inspirational, intellectual and motivational people can be in the most unexpected and surprising places.  I learn more about myself and life in general from people in the most unexpected situations. 

What is something no one would believe about you?

My wife and kids have never seen me without a beard.  They have no idea what I look like un-bearded.  I grew a beard my sophomore year of college and it’s been with me ever since.  ALSO, I’m a Diner Seeker!  I love to find local classic/original food Diners whenever I visit  a new place.  There is nothing better than a diner breakfast with coffee in a diner mug.  I love the architecture, scale and vibe of classic style diners.

What are you a raving fan of?

I’m a raving fan of and supporter of The National Parks because they are one of the greatest U.S. Legacies created in recent times and with incredible foresight into the needs of preserving wild and scenic places for current and future generations to come.     A person could spend a lifetime visiting and experiencing all of the National Parks.  My Favorite one so far is Redwood National Park.   Incredibly impressive trees because of their age, resiliency, beauty and gigantic size.  Plus – I just love trees.  

What organization or company inspires you?

The Nature Conservancy & Patagonia – These organizations certainly have different corporate missions and profit structures but share commonalities in their commitment to stewardship, conservation and preservation of the environment for current and future generations to enjoy.  They also share a mission of supporting their employees (and their families) personal and professional growth and development.  Both companies are perceived as leaders in their fields, constantly evolving to meet current challenges, pushing the envelope of conventional norms and not afraid to make a stand on controversial issues.  Both are philanthropic is different ways.


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