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Jon Kirk, Jr.
Director of Drainage & Irrigation


When it comes to working with integrity, tireless dedication, and a commitment to quality, Jon matches this description perfectly. His attention to detail and genuine curiosity in fixing things makes him dependable and highly responsible. Jon learned his skills from being hands-on and gained valuable experience in the industry by applying his analytical mind towards helping to solve problems. If there is a problem to be solved, he’s ready for the challenge.

Jon has always preferred to make a plan and define his purpose before taking action. As the Director of Drainage & Irrigation at Landvisions, this mindset is critical to having successful projects. With over 14 years experience in the irrigation industry, and 29 years within the Civil Engineering field, Jon’s expertise and ability to foresee potential issues is unmatched. When he’s not assisting in installations, writing complex proposals, or developing irrigation and drainage plans, he’s helping to solve difficult issues with new strategies and analytical thinking. Jon finds deep gratification in working alongside so many talented professionals to meet client expectations. There is an immense level of pride he finds in doing the best job possible, and doing it right the first time regardless of the obstacles. No two days are the same, and Jon wouldn’t have it any other way.



Do it right the first time, the whole time. That is what Jon’s dad taught him from a young age, and it’s evident that is how he is wired to this day. In addition to his father, he’s had several good mentors in his life and career that have bolstered his growth—helping him become better than he could have on his own. He currently resides in Flint, Texas and is recently married to his wife, Kelly, and has three stepsons.

Jon is keenly aware of how tough situations teach patience and perseverance. That is why he enjoys playing golf—it’s a truly individual sport that requires a level of patience and perseverance unlike any other. Even with an extensive resume and experience, Jon continues to have a desire to grow and learn and surround himself with people who push him to become a better man, husband, and professional.



What has been a guiding focus for you in your life?

One thing I’ve always said to my friends, family, and clients is that if you can’t know “how” to do something if you don’t first know “why” you should do it. Making a plan requires having a solid purpose to back it up and that is what I’ve learned to be true over and over in my life.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired when others chose to take the role of mentor for someone else and help lead them to be better than they could be on their own. Seeing that in action is very inspiring, and something I’ve benefited from in my own life.

What do you love most about Landvisions?

The level of professionalism at Landvisions is second to none, and each team member is proud to stand behind their work. It’s great to work with a team that loves what they do, backs each other up, and does the best job possible.

What is something no one ever would believe is true about you?

In 2001, I helped develop a medical timing device that helps remind people when to take their medication, and I hold a U.S. Patent for the design.



State of Texas: Licensed Irrigator LI#14009
State of Texas: Licensed Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester BP#10994
Registered with LDAF as a Licensed Irrgation Contractor in the State of Louisiana #20-0780
TNLA Texas Certified Water Smart Professional TCWSP #124
National Certification: Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor CLIA#67059
National Designation: EPA WaterSense Partner
United States Patent #US 6,325,534 BI – December 4, 2001

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