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Juan Murillo
Crew Leader - Landscape


Juan’s value to Landvisions is in his strong  work ethic and commitment to excellence.  He is a quiet spirit, one who leads by example…no words necessary.   Understated and strategic, Juan doesn’t waste words.  He is Landvisions’ lead green crew foreman, and cares about the smallest details.   His crew is often the last ones on a job site and it is a good thing!  Juan is a valuable member of our planting scope, and has learned to take a developed landscape plan as a guide and to use his keen eye to look for ways to improve the design during installation.   Juan has developed his artistic side with the living side of our industry.  Juan’s intentional approach to a job makes it look almost easy.   He is committed to the guys on his crew, almost to a fault, but has high expectations for them in terms of their own work ethic.   He takes great pride in the finished product, and that can be seen in the commitment the entire crew has to what they do each day.   


Juan is a family man if there ever was one.  He and his wife, Yesenia Rayas, have been together for 13 years.  They have two children between the two of them.  Alexis Manuel is 12 and loves to play the drums in the school band.  Brisia Isabel is happy and into all things any 10 year old girls loves!  Juan helped raise Yesenia’s two boys from a previous relationship.  The oldest is Everardo, 25 and works for Landvisions as well.  Carlos is 19,  just graduated from John Tyler and works as a D.J. here in Tyler.   Juan is from Jesus Maria de Jalisco, Mexico, a small agricultural town east of Guadalajara.  He had been living and working on a Ranch in Milwaukee, Wisconsin  when he met Yesenia, who had just moved to Milwaukee.  They met each other while enjoying a weekend afternoon at a local park with a group of mutual friends.  Yesenia is from the bustling metropolis of Leon, Guanajuato, in central Mexico,  just two hours east of Juan’s home town.   Anyone who has seen ?Juan and Yesenia together know that their passion is dancing.  All they need is a little music and the moves start.   Juan’s favorite pastime is eating Carne Asado with the family and watching his favorite futbol team, Chivas.  


What do you love about working at Landvisions?

Landvisions is the best landscape company anywhere!  Good people, great designs, all the best tools.  I’ve never missed a day of work in 5 years, I don’t even like taking vacation.  Some people say that I work too much, but its what I love to do and Landvisions is a great place to work.   As a Green Crew Foreman, I am given the freedom to do my job and even be a little creative.  For the most part, people here respect one another and I feel this value is important from the owner down.

What is something no one wold believe is true about you.

My close friends all know that Yesenia and I love to dance,…I mean we REALLY love to dance.  We can dance for hours and hours and never get tired of each other.   Most every one else probably wouldn’t  believe I dance,  At our company Christmas party 2 years ago,  I probably danced for 4 hours straight, everyone was a little surprised.  I think i even forgot to eat we were having such a good time.   

What inspires you?

My family is what drives me to work so hard.  I am inspired by my family and passionate about providing for them and making sure they have better opportunities than I had growing up.