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Kelly McPherson
Office Manager


Kelly is instinctively hospitable. She is generous in giving of herself, quick to flash a smile, and always on the lookout to engage with others. Her enthusiasm is contagious in the office, which fuels much of the family-like culture of Landvisions. As the Office Manager, Kelly is highly organized, remarkably adept at connecting with others, and has the special ability of juggling multiple things on multiple fronts. While she keeps things running smoothly, thwarting any and all potential for disorganization, she is always up for meeting new people and learning new things. Her level of professionalism matches her capacity for hospitality, as she functions as the face of the company.  

With several years of office management experience, she has dedicated over five years working with Landvisions and loves coming to work each day. She has great appreciation for the outdoors and finds great joy in seeing each of the stunning landscape projects come to life. Kelly possesses immense gratitude to being able to work each day with such creative, talented coworkers—those whom she is proud to call “family.”



Originally from Austin Texas, Kelly has resided in east Texas for over two and half decades. With three grown sons, two who live in Texas and one serving in the Air Force, she has always remained active in life. From riding horses, going to the gym, traveling in a 5th wheel, or cruising on her Harley, Kelly is always on the go. Ever inspired by the best bits and pieces of everyone she meets, she continually looks to learn, grow, and expand her abilities.

Easy going, spunky, and family-oriented, it’s never difficult to have a conversation with Kelly. Needless to say, Kelly is probably the most beautiful, hospitable, and energetic “grandmother” you will ever meet. If she isn’t out riding motorcycles or traveling across Texas, she’s actively playing with her grandkids as much as possible. It’s as if she is able to extract some of their endless supply of stamina to keep her on the move. As a lifelong people person, she derives her high energy from being around others and easily has enough to share with those she meets.



What are you a raving fan of?

We take an annual trip to Arkansas every year and I love taking this kind of journey. Traveling, being on the road, meeting new people, making new memories, it’s all amazing to me.

What do you love about working at Landvisions?

The people I work with are amazing! It’s a great culture and the team really cares about each other. Even when there is conflict, we work through it really well, which is rare in the world today.

What is something no one would believe is true about you?

People know I ride my Harley a lot, but they don’t know that I also enjoy getting out on the dirt track and riding pit bikes.

What inspires you?

I’m inspired by bits and pieces of everyone I meet, but I’m especially inspired by David who challenges us all to be better and build something great together.

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