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Kyle Pennington
Director of Operations


With a tenacious drive to excel, Kyle assumes leadership readily. He enjoys long-term planning and goal setting, and can quickly identify opportunities to improve the status-quo. Pushing beyond the boundaries to accomplish something that has never been done—creating something from nothing—is Kyle sweet spot. He has a large capacity to imagine new things and establish efficient paths to turn those ideas into realities. “How can we make this better? How can we do this in a new way?” are the questions Kyle asks of himself and the team often. The ultimate goal however, is to create something special for the client.

Kyle places a high value on functional architecture and beautiful design. Graduating from Texas A&M with a degree in Landscape Architecture, he has nearly a decade of design experience and provides solid leadership in the field. As a member of the executive team, Kyle is a Designer and Project Manager and is active in several layers of the Landvisions process. Committed to coaching and improving efficiencies, Kyle is a catalyst for both growth and excellence—from the top all the way down to the crew. The team relies heavily on his design skills and on a daily basis he works to keep the wheels moving on projects. That includes handling communication, proposals, developing design packages and concepts, producing graphics, and setting expectations.



Kyle attributes his disciplined work ethic to his father and having a healthy family dynamic growing up. As one of three brothers, Kyle learned the value of remaining humble while being passionate and embracing failure as the best opportunity to grow. Originally from Van Texas, he attended Texas A&M in College Station, and worked at a firm in San Antonio before returning to his east Texas roots to join Landvisions.

He and his wife, Kristen, have a one year old son and love spending time together as their family grows. When he isn’t reading a good book, hunting, fishing, or exploring stories from history, Kyle is learning how to accomplish new and exciting projects in their older home. Ultimately, Kyle is quiet, composed, adaptable, and has an unusual ability to focus in depth to solve complex problems. This focus helps him at making others better at what they do and facilitating teamwork to make a lasting impact in each others lives.



What is something no one would believe is true about you?

I enjoy reading and good storytelling, but I am especially drawn to science fiction or fantasy and adventure fiction—namely Harry Potter and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I love getting sucked into these stories.

What do you love about working at Landvisions?

Landvisions is unique with its culture of freedom. We can each grow, learn, and create with a sense of freedom that doesn’t exist at other firms. There is a large sense of responsibility as well and the team takes immense ownership in what we do to ensure we do it well.

What are you raving fan of?

I’m a raving fan of people who have overcome great obstacles to accomplish something great. Seeing how they’ve pushed through hardships, or laid it all down for their cause, is truly inspiring. Learning about these stories from history can help us in what we do today.



Registered with TBAE as a licensed Landscape Architect in the State of Texas – #3469


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