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Crew Leader - Irrigation


Octavio is a thinker…  He often mentions that he stays up at night trying to solve some complex installation challenge pertaining to the next day’s scope fo work.  He takes everything at work seriously, especially when it come to quality work and not wasting the company’s time.   We’ve all enjoyed watching Octavio mellow out a bit over the years….its no longer just ALL business with him any longer, though it’s safe to say that he still values technical competence, initiative and a strong work ethic as key character traits.  We entrust Octavio with the installation of our largest and most complex irrigation systems.  Landvisions’ design team has the confidence that if Octavio’s team is installing a system under his supervision, it will get done right the first time.   

Octavio leads by example.  There is a sentiment among our field craftsman that no one works as hard as Octavio and no one returns to the shop at the end of a day dirtier!!  He is a man of few words at work, expecting his guys to ‘catch on’.   The men on his crew have earned his respect and the respect of the rest of the men at Landvisions.  Octavio ensures each member of his crew finds his place and understand what is expected. 


Octavio’s commitment  to his family is evident to anyone who spends a little time talking with him about his personal life.   Weekends are generally off limits…. his time to be ALL IN with is wife and kids.  He and his wife, Brenda, have been married for 6 years and have three young children.   They enjoy spending their weekends together at home with their kids.   Octavio enjoys great food and loves it when Brenda prepares a really tasty ‘Carne Asada’.  


Q&A WITH Octavio

What do you love about working at Landvisions?

I enjoy working with a company that provides excellent equipment, tools and opportunities to do really quality work.   I also value working in an environment where respect for one another is so important.   We’ve never been asked to cut corners on a job or install anything less than the absolute best…even if it means losing money on a specific scope of work.  Quality FIRST!     

What inspires you?

I’m most inspired by the classic AMERICAN DREAM .  where I come from, we are limited by so many barriers to succeeding.   It’s not  that we can not succeed in Mexico, or any other developing country for that matter.  It’s just that here in the USA, opportunities abound for those that are willing to work hard.     

What is something that you aspire to or hope to do. 

I aspire someday to become completely fluent in English.  Landvisions provides me ample opportunities to improve and practice my spoke English.  I know that my children may someday marry a non Spanish speaker and I don’t want this to be barrier to having a relationship with them.  I also want, more than anything for my children to have opportunities that I never had growing up and to enjoy their childhoods in a way I wasn’t able to.

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