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Yovanny Abreu
Shop Manager - Logistics


Initiative and figuring things out is the name of the game for Yovanny.   Having recently moved from the happy Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, he brings with him a joyful disposition and eagerness to learn.  Yovanny grew up in an orphanage called the ARK and eventually worked some for the managing NGO called Kid’s Alive in the DR .  While serving with while at the same time managing logistics for Spirit Mountain, an organic coffee plantation.   He has an amazing ability to multiple task and look for better ways of doing things.  In his early years, he ran a small landscape business in his home town of Jarabacoa and served a custom home builder/architect on installations and maintenance.     

He chose to move to Tyler specifically to join the Landvisions’ team.  After spending time on several different crews, learning the company culture and growing in his ability to understand how things work, Yovanny was asked to take on the overall management of our site and facilities.  This is a completely new role within the company, one which has become very important.  His efforts at strategically thinking about how to make our crew more effective is welcomed by all.   


Yovanny is from the small town of Jarabacoa, and grew up in a small christian community.  He is a passionate young man, with many dreams and hopes.   He likes sports, having played both soccer and baseball.  He loves the mountains, spending time outdoors and is always up for an adventure!  He married his high school sweetheart, Andris Duran in 2015.  She had been living in New Your with her family and taking classes at the local community college, prior to moving to Tyler with Yovanny.  They spend most of their time right now working towards getting their feet underneath them.        

Q&A WITH Yovanny

What do you love about working at Landvisions?

Having the freedom and opportunity to make things better is very satisfying.  Here at Landvisions, there is plenty of room to grow and expand your influence…if your willing to put in the hard work.   

What are you a raving fan of?

All things back home.  I LOVE my home country…and always will.

What inspires you?

Growing up in an orphanage, I’ve been around some pretty amazing people.  I’m inspired by the incredible sacrifice made by so many to help make my life and the lives of so many others better.  Maybe this experience in my own life is what drives me to want to serve others well, and not think so much about myself.  I try to put God first, every time,  and I’ve never been let down by Him yet!

What is something no one would believe is true about you?  

I almost became a barber in NYC!  It’s hard for me to believe, even now.  God brought me to Tyler,TX for a purpose…..not to do the normal thing.  Most Dominicans who immigrate to America, either move to NYC or to the Boston area because they have other friends and families already living there.  Even my wife has family in NY.   Here we are, living in Texas, and I’m NOT a barber.

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