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Phase 1
Schematic Design

This phase is all about the “Big Picture”,
Defining and Solving the Problem

  1. Exploration & Discovery
    A pre-design period of information gathering where we learn more about the client, their needs, personalities, specific interests and overall project intent.
  2. Analysis & Focus
    Written analysis of these existing conditions with priorities placed on site selection, program definition, and the overall site studies needed for your project.
  3. Idea Generation
    Drawings with specific solutions are used to help illustrate the "Big Idea" and begin to define the parameters of the project and it's forward progress.
  4. Feedback
    A formal meeting will ensure complete transparency of these ideas and allow for team recognition of defining "The Big Picture".
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Phase 2
Design Development

In this phase, with feedback in-hand, the Design Team will refine the approved conceptual design and begin to detail the various elements that were agreed upon during the Schematic Design Phase.

  1. Refinement
    Refining the design, taking into consideration the project budget, program elements, and client feedback, to arrive at a balanced solution of maintaining the vision of the 'Big Picture"
  2. Documentation
    This marks the end of the intentionally interactive design process between the Design Team and client and the beginning of the construction documentation process.
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Phase 3

This phase is primarily focused on the development of technical drawings, details, and specifications, providing the required information for a smooth and accurate bidding and construction process.

  1. Construction Documents
    Creating a clear and well defined road map for the construction professional is imperative for effective budgeting, scheduling, and the overall success of the project.
  2. Technical Review
    A technical Design Team review is performed to ensure accuracy and provide the opportunity for client discussions on any foreseen changes.
  3. Budget Refinement & Bidding
    Upon awarding the project to a qualified construction professional, a formal meeting with the Design Team, construction professional, and the client concludes the Documentation Phase, our final milestone of the theoretical design process.
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Phase 4
Construction Administration

Once you have decided on a construction professional, whether it be Landvisions or an independent contractor, our involvement with your project continues. We will administer the construction process to guarantee the integrity of design. Regular site visits are imperative to maintaining design intent, maximizing opportunities for design improvements, and assuring the project schedule and costs are controlled.

  1. Contact Execution and Scheduling
    We strive to take all possible scenarios into account when developing a time line for a project and will communicate changes or anticipated delays on a timely manner.
  2. Site Reviews
    Clear communication and our client's trust is the key to finishing well and providing a successful and enjoyable project.
  3. Project Completion and Hand-Off
    Just because a project is considered substantially complete and a client begins to enjoy their space does not necessarily mean Landvisions is done.
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