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Mill Run

This family ranch property provides a quick getaway from the hustle of the Dallas Metroplex area, and is steeped in the history of ownership over several generations. It is often realized, that new life and updated improvements for a property, will provide a continuation of memories for new generations of families to cherish. Having the opportunity to provide Design/Build services in response to our client’s needs for developing and re-habilitating existing infrastructure has been a diverse journey over the past three years. Working with several architects and contractors for multiple family compounds throughout the property provided our design and management team with the ability to help guide a continuous thread of overall design elements and materials used, providing a harmonious aesthetic approach to complementing the native surroundings. Responding to the sensitivity of the site, and need for a purposeful approach proved to be the two single most important program elements in the creation of functional outdoor living spaces. In collaboration with David Hocker, of Hocker Design Group, we will continue to develop the finishing touches related to the infrastructure for this ranch property over the next year.

Project Vitals:

Mill Run was developed through a Design/Build project delivery model with Landvisions providing Landscape Architecture services, Construction Services, Project Management and Construction Administrative services for the multiple home sites, lake restoration, and infrastructure. Our team continues to be involved with the improvements and annual maintenance for this family compound.