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Project Architect, Ryan Phillips, brought us onto the team to help provide a clear idea on overall placement and orientation for the home, and the multiple related site components. The Stonegate development offers many advantages in which to provide unique designs by focusing on the attributes of natural beauty through preservation. Our design focused on three main program elements, using the sites native surroundings and views to drive placement, landscape treatments that would successfully relate to the clean and simplistic architecture of the home, and overall consistency with the use of materials that provide a rich continuation for the exterior treatment. Careful consideration was given to the needs of the client for providing transitional entertaining spaces used throughout the seasons that continue to cultivate life outside. The functionality of the site, it’s access, outdoor terraces, and seamless transition’s were given primary focus throughout the design and construction process.  The context and visual expression applied throughout this project proved to be the foundation for our team’s success in what we refer to at Landvisions as our purpose “Thrive Outside”

Project Vitals:

The Stonegate property was developed through a Design/Build project delivery model with Landvisions providing Landscape Architecture services, Construction Services, Project Management and Construction Administrative services for the now successful completion of this project.