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What We Do

Most likely the reason you are reading this is because you are in the process of evaluating the potential of working with us. On first impression, you’ll notice that we are a Landscape Architecture Firm specializing in Design and Build. We engage in everything from small residential backyards to larger developments and civic planning projects. We’re able to do this because we draw from thousands of hours actively observing and enjoying amazing outdoor spaces. Plus, we have extensive design and construction backgrounds. And when you combine all of that together, the result is a unique, multi-disciplinary approach from experts steeped in experience.



We believe approaching business and relationships with integrity and purpose.  We believe that a passion for exemplary and user focused design solutions allow us to serve others, facilitate community, and invest in something that will leave a legacy.

Essentially, we create outdoor spaces that help people “Do Life” together…BETTER.

Who We Are

But if you go just one layer beneath the surface, you’ll find that there’s more to it than just WHAT we do. Our work is an extension of WHO we are. We work outdoors because we are outdoor enthusiasts. We build playful spaces because we love to play. We think creatively because we love the act of creating and want others to be inspired by the results of our work. Most of all, we care about people. At Land Visions, we desire for our work to be a literal extension of who we are and the utilization of our natural strengths and talents to benefit the lives of those around us, including both our co-workers AND clients.



We do this by fostering a culture that values thoughtful design and craftsmanship. We are passionate about doing what we say we will do, and providing design solutions, not just designs.

Most of all, we are people who truly care about people.

Why We Do It

However, while we ARE passionate about the outdoors and about people, we believe that life is richer when we SHARE these experiences with others in natural outdoor environments.There is a the symbiotic relationship we humans have with nature and we strive to honor that. We thrive on helping others enjoy relational time outdoors and we value the journey that we take in helping to collectively achieve this. This is why we do everything we do. At the root level of Land Visions…We design and build natural environments in order to help humans thrive outdoors.



We are a Landscape Architectural firm that specializes in the Design/Build project delivery model.   Our firm provides landscape architecture, planning, and construction services with an emphasis on collaborative design.  We work on projects ranging from prominent public spaces to high-end residential.

At the root level of LandVisions… “We design and build natural environments in order to help humans thrive outside.”

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