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Quality of Life – Make being outside in Tyler, Great!

All can agree that East Texas is a beautiful place to live.  For those of us who really enjoy the outdoors, we all feeling a little hedged in these days.  We may not be a majority yet,  but I’m pretty certain that most would agree spending active time outside is important.  As Tyler’s population booms,  and the growing communities that surround Tyler visit on a daily basis,  we are experiencing the ‘Urban Press’.  Tyler is the most important ‘small city’ in East Texas,  strategically located between larger urban centers.  Excellent public infrastructure and services are essential for a healthy city,  but quality municipal infrastructure by itself is not sufficient.   A truly great city needs to be an appealing…even inspiring place to live.   It must attract and retain a large pool of local, national and international talent.  Livability or ‘Quality of Life’ is therefore the lifeblood of any great city.

Beautiful natural amenities such as Tyler State Park, multiple new and newly renovated city parks, Lake Palestine, Lake Tyler, Lake Tyler East and other smaller community lakes are incredibly valuable for those looking for outdoor recreation options.  As people search for a place to put down roots, now more than ever they are paying attention to the ‘Quality of Life’ a city offers.  Hike and Bike Trails, pedestrian connectivity, a vibrant downtown, regular community events, farmer’s markets and safe, well maintained parks all play a huge role in the decision where to live.  Companies, corporations and other employers know this as well and will often chose a city in which to headquarter their operations on whether or not these amenities are available to perspective employees.
We at Landvisions are passionate about being outside and enjoying all that East Texas offers. We have been engaged with Stephanie Rollings, director of the Tyler Parks & Recreation Department, and with Don Warren, Tyler city councilman and ‘Quality of Life’ champion, in a collaborative effort to improve the city’s outdoor recreational spaces. The future of Tyler ultimately rest’s in the hand’s of it’s residents. Tyler has the all the ingredients to become an amazing place to live for the outdoor enthusiast in all of us. Lets do our part and get involved! I
f you don’t know how to help or what you can do, just give shout!!


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